Maximum Value, Optimized Performance

Intel® Arc™ Balanced Builds


The spirit of the ‘gaming sweet spot’ is alive and well! Find the right combos and bundles of Intel® Arc™ graphics and Intel® Core™ processors for your next gaming build!

Enter a new realm of gaming.


Elevate your gaming experiences with Intel® Arc™ Graphics and Intel® Core™ processors, optimized combinations that are gamer-tested and budget-friendly.

Maximum Value, Optimized Performance.


Intel® has tested more than 30 system configurations and gathered more than 10,000 data points to find the best CPU and GPU combinations.

Experience advanced
fast-paced gaming.


Enjoy smooth gaming on many popular AAA games, and high-refresh gaming from high-octane esports shooters to fast-paced RTS hits.

Xe Super Sampling (XeSS):


Intelligently upscale games for maximum frame rates without loss in performance.

Real-Time Ray Tracing:


Take your game to a new level with full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate, with features like variable rate shading and real-time ray tracing for realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections.

Here to upgrade your play.


Intel® Arc™ Graphics has released its latest driver updates to help you dive into immersive game worlds and capture your imagination, including:

Take center stage.


Broadcast your best gameplay, seamlessly stream your victories, share clips, and more with the Arc Control built-in studio.

Let your creativity flow.


Edit content like a pro with powerful Xe Media engines with industry-first AV1 video encoding hardware. Upload and stream videos with better quality and smaller file sizes.


Maximize your Intel system.

VYBE | Arc A750 | 12400F



Intel Arc A750 Graphics
Intel Core i5-12400F


MG-1 | Silver

Starting at


Intel Arc A750 Graphics
Intel Core i5-13400F


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