MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator

Specifically designed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The LIV prototype combines redundant power circuits, multiple safety features, and a unique coupling device that contains and collects exhaled aerosolized virus from the patient while allowing routine maintenance under severe conditions

MAINGEAR LIV Emeregency Pulmonary Ventilator


Designed alongside experts from around the world, with a platform that is currently being used in the field in Italy and Switzerland, the MAINGEAR LIV is prototype emergency pulmonary ventilator that was engineered specifically in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Optimized for use in a crisis

The MAINGEAR LIV has preset standard values to make it incredibly simple to use, as well as dedicated software that is controlled via a touch screen interface, giving access to fine adjustments in addition to the manual regulation controls on the device.

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MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator

Current Prototype Specifications

The MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator is designed to work safely even in the event that all sensors fail. The device is designed for critically ill and intubated patients (patients undergoing intensive therapy), offering fully automated operation with or without a breath trigger. All of these specifications can be upgraded via software.

MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator

  • Ultrafast power on: 1.5 seconds after the main power is turned on, the system begins to supply the patient with oxygen.
  • Oxygen concentration: (FiO2) FiO2 = 1.0 = Adjustable from 40%-100%
  • PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure): From 0 to 14 cm H2O
    • V2 will support 0-30 cmH2O
  • Maximum inspiratory pressure (Pmax) No limit Trigger
  • Breath per minute (BPM): Adjustable from 12 to 30
    • V2 will support up to 45 BPM
  • Flexible Remote Monitoring Available
  • 1st stage operating pressure: min 2.5 bar max 8 bar optimally 4 bar
  • Air pressure 2nd stage:
    • 1.5 children 40-70 kg
    • 1.8 adults 60 – 80 kg
    • 2.0 adults with breathing difficulties

An illustration of a doctor examining lungs.


The device triggers an alarm on the following events.

  • Low lung volume
  • Low flow of lung air
  • Low lung pressure
  • Difference between inspiratory and expiratory lung volume
  • Poor mechanical lung compliance
  • Absence or low pressure O2 from main supply
  • Loss of electrical power

Meet The Leadership Team

Wallace Santos

Wallace Santos founded MAINGEAR in 2002. Since the beginning, he has focused on building high-performance custom PCs and tuning them for the best gaming experience possible. Wallace has established himself as a trendsetter in the space with his avant garde ideas, commitment to immersive design, along with the pursuit and integration of new technologies. Wallace’s bold business tactics and commanding leadership have earned the company a prominent position in this competitive industry. As a thought leader in gaming, Wallace also serves on Intel’s Board of advisors helping to define the future of their PC gaming strategy.

Rahul Sood

Rahul Sood is the Chairman of the Board of MAINGEAR, and co-founder of Unikrn, an esports entertainment company based in Seattle. He previously was the founder of luxury computer creator VoodooPC (acquired by HP). He spent 18 years as an entrepreneur and investor before joining Microsoft. At Microsoft he created and led Microsoft Ventures, a global initiative designed to help startups get access to funding and Microsoft’s routes to markets. He is also an advisor to Vrvana (acquired by Apple), Virtually Human Studios, Bittrex, and MAINGEAR.

Dr. Deepak Kaura

Deepak is 1QBit’s Chief Medical Officer, a practicing pediatric interventional radiologist and health care leader. He is passionate about innovation and technology in health, currently co-chairing the CAN- Health network, a federally funded integrated health marketplace which stitches together most of Canada’s health authorities. He is an active member of the Canadian Space Agency’s council on Deep Space Healthcare and was the Chairman of the Board of Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s innovation and commercialization division. Previously, he was the Executive Chairman of Foundational Clinical Services (Radiology, Pathology, Anesthesia, Peri-operative services, Psychiatry, Patient Experience and Innovation) at Sidra Medicine in Qatar, where he helped build and operationalize, from the ground up, a quaternary care women and children’s hospital. He has also been the Subspecialty Chair of Pediatric Radiology at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Chairman of the Radiology department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. He received his MBA from HEC Paris and has been an active entrepreneur. During his career, Deepak has led initiatives to integrate machine learning into healthcare. Deepak’s previous faculty appointments include associate professorships at Cornell University and the University of Calgary. He is an associate of the Creative Destruction Labs.

Dr. Nahush A. Mokadam

Dr. Nahush A. Mokadam is the Director of Cardiac Surgery at Ohio State University. He previously served on the faculty at the University of Washington for many years. He completed his training at the University of Washington in Cardiothoracic Surgery. He trained at Barnes-Jewish Hospital/ Washington University in St. Louis for General Surgery. He completed his medical degree and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. His clinical interests are in all aspects of adult cardiac surgery, with a specific focus on artificial heart technology, heart transplant, and advanced valvular heart surgery.

Vinaya Kulkarni

Vinaya is an entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley, and founder of Abacus West. She has an MBA from McMaster University specializing in Health Care Management. Vinaya worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Hamilton Health Sciences medical center where her role included daily patient respiratory care through patient assessment, mechanical ventilator application and management.


At MAINGEAR we build the industry’s most complex liquid cooling systems and high-performance PCs, but now, under the direction of Sean Cadet, Director of Product Development, we are working around the clock on the MAINGEAR LIV Emergency Pulmonary Ventilator. We are based in New Jersey, just 15 miles from New York City, and we are feeling the impact of this pandemic every day.

“We all want to make a difference in the fight against Covid-19”


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