DIY PCs can be fun to build, but they require a lot of work. That’s where pre-configured PCs come in. Already constructed to meet your needs and the highest standards, pre-configured PCs can save you time and stress.

Just because a PC is pre-configured doesn’t mean that you have a say. After all, PC stands for personal computer, and we want the experience to be completely personalized to your wants and needs. Pre-configured PCs give the buyer the ease of selecting a machine that’s optimized for exactly how you plan to use your PC. Since we’re experts ourselves, you can trust that a preconfigured PC is being built with the same tender love and care that a custom PC builder would use.

For those who might be new to the world of PCs or are making their first PC purchase, a pre-configured PC is a very reliable option. Buying a PC that has been built to serve a specific purpose (eSports, AAA games, content creation), like the MAINGEAR PCs, reaffirms that your new computer will do exactly what you need it to. Our preconfigured VYBE models are carefully crafted to get the job you need done right.

If you’re new to the world of PCs or are making your first PC purchase, a pre-configured PC is your best bet. To guide you through the process, our PC buying guide is also going to be your best friend. Take a look and get acquainted.