If you’re deciding whether or not to go ahead and buy that PC you’ve been thinking about, we have a feeling that this will make that choice a whole lot easier. 

The advantages that if using a PC are pretty mind-blowing. For eSports gamers, AAA gamers and content creators, a high-end PC will get the job done right every time. Let’s take a look and see why. 

Perks of a PC for Esports

When playing Esports, you want to have control. A PC provides the ability to use a keyboard and mouse simultaneously. You’ll have much more control with a mouse and a keyboard than you ever would with a console controller. PC perk #1. 

Especially with eSports games, you want control, and a PC can give you that. In fact, the wireless peripherals found in console controllers contain latency which can degrade gameplay. Combine this with the substantially better FPS you will get with a gaming PC and you’ll drastically improve your gaming skills. 

Not to mention, a strong PC means higher FPS, which will lead to a competitive advantage when you’re playing a game that requires fast reaction times. According to an NVIDIA study, players who had a higher framerate had a significant advantage over those with a lower framerate. Basically, “frames wins games.”

Perks of a PC for AAA Gaming

Playing AAA Games on a PC is all about the graphics and the experience. The better the graphics, the better the experience and vice versa. For example, when playing in 4K at 60 frames per second, you can expect beautiful, smooth visuals. 

Better yet, current generation monitors can lock the framerate of the screen with the framerate at which the PC is functioning. This creates top-notch visuals and an unparalleled experience, which makes your game the best it can be. 

Since we’re talking about visuals, 4K PCs also allow for technologies not available on the console like real-time ray-tracing. Ray tracing provides dynamic lighting effects, realistic shadows and reflections allowing you to look at a reflective surface in-game and see your enemy in the reflection. Got him! 

Consoles are unable to create dynamic reflections, and instead fake the static reflections. Powerful PCs allow you to mod (modify or customize) AAA titles, like Skyrim, and still receive a smooth framerate. Just another advantage. 

Perks of a PC for Content Creation

A PC is the ultimate platform for content creation. There’s no doubt about it. Programs like Adobe Premiere and Photoshop all run notably better on the PC Platform (and were originally made for PCs). Proper 4K and 8K content editing require substantial hardware that is only available on PCs. 

When it comes to using PCs for content creation, you’re getting more bang for your buck. In technical terms, more hardware for your money, by not having to pay a premium for sub-par performance. 

PCs also offer upgradeability as they can be changed to adapt to the different stages throughout your creative career. They can be customized and upgraded to fit your exact workflow, making them the perfect creative companion. 

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