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You’re revved up about switching from console gaming to PC gaming. Or maybe you’ve been strictly on a mobile platform and you’re making the jump to a PC.

Either way, you’re definitely making a good choice in the right direction.

But what if you aren’t sure about which type of PC you need? The details kind of give you a headache and after a few weeks of research you’re still a bit lost.

Maybe you know exactly what you want, but you’re not sure what brand is the best fit for your needs and budget?

Trust us, we’ve been there! This is where our hindsight can be your foresight – you’re welcome.

Our crew of PC-loving-gamers has compiled a handy guide that will answer all of your questions. Misconceptions, budget, specs, monitors, cooling, components, etc..

Now, it’s time to put all of your confusion behind you and get started. Head over to our PC buying guide and demystify the wondrous world of building a PC.

Meet Your PC Aficionados:

Wallace Santos, CEO

Ron Reed, Marketing Manager

You've got questions andwe've got the answers

Maingear - PC Buying Guide - Wallace Santos talking.

What's inside our guide:

  • What are the advantages of using a PC for esports gamers, AAA gamers and content creators?
  • Misconceptions about using a PC.
  • The different components inside a PC and what you need to know about them.
  • Awesome examples of PC systems.