With the overwhelming tidal wave of information available online, it can often be hard to separate what is true from what is straight-up inaccurate. For a gamer or content creator looking for their first high-end computer, this can be confusing when it comes time to decide which PC models or parts to purchase. 

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, a custom PC that’s tailored to fit your unique needs should be able to do just that – meet all of your needs. To help any first-time buyers navigate the sometimes complicated purchasing process, we’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions about PCs. No need to thank us.

A New PC is Too Expensive 

A common misconception among new PC enthusiasts is that it’s too expensive to purchase a pre-built computer that has enough power to reliably deliver on their needs. That would be false. Even a system starting at around $700 is capable of running nearly every eSports title, at an optimal framerate, and if you’re budget is really tight, you can always go the DIY route.

PCs are Too Complicated

Although many believe that buying a new PC is a complicated endeavor, with the advent of the Internet, you have instant access to an extremely welcoming community of other gamers. 

In addition to receiving advice, you can even make some great friends while you’re at it. Some of these resources include platforms like Steam, Discord and GeForce Experience. Also, we’re always available to take calls and provide assistance. Our number is 1-888-MAINGEAR, but just don’t call when we’re sleeping. 

Windows is Not Good for Creatives

Anyone involved in the creative community in any capacity has likely been told before that Windows is not a good operating system for those looking to do content creation. The fact of the matter is that most creatives use third-party software. So, when using Windows, you are not locked into an ecosystem like you are with Apple’s software. The same software is available, but runs faster and more smoothly on a PC. Windows also has upgradability, providing a very stable platform on which security updates happen quickly and efficiently. Quickness and efficiency? Count us in.

A Prebuilt PC is More Expensive Than a Custom PC

Many people are turned away by the falsehood that prebuilt PCs are more expensive than custom PCs, even though they don’t have the resources to build one themselves. Companies like MAINGEAR offer extremely competitive pricing compared to the do-it-yourself route, with only small premiums. You’d be paying for product qualification, as components that are paired together were qualified properly in a lab and were assembled with the latest Windows updates and drivers. When all is said and done, it’s worth it. 

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