Be Next with the MAINGEAR and Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard

We partnered with Intel to help you set up a professional quality stream on your new MAINGEAR PC automatically.


It’s time to start your journey and become the next big creator on Twitch or YouTube.

We know how overwhelming it can be to set up your new PC for streaming. You need to tune your processor’s encoding capabilities, available bandwidth, configure devices like microphones and cameras, and set up your scenes to make you stand out. For even for the most technical PC gamer this can be a daunting task.

We Can Help!

We want you to Be Next, and for you to be ready instantly after turning your MAINGEAR PC on for the first time. That’s why we partnered with Intel to design an exclusive version of the Easy Streaming Wizard so you can focus on creating content.


For a limited time, get our Be Next Streaming Bundle with any qualifying Intel based system. It includes up to $300 in hardware with everything you need to start streaming.

Be Next Streaming Bundle -Includes Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard and Hardware Bundle

With Any i9 Processor- $300 Value
– RAZER KIYO webcam, RAZER SEIREN X, Elgato Stream Deck Mini

With Any i7 Processor- $200 Value

With Any i5 Processor- $100 Value
– Choice of a RAZER KIYO webcam or RAZER SEIREN X


Streaming Game Setting Optimization

Optimize OBS settings based on the type of game/streaming usages.

Optimize Your Encoding Setting

Adjust the encoding and streaming quality depending on the capabilities of your processor.

Streaming Service Selection

Select from different streaming services and configure your system with optimal settings.

Bandwidth Optimization

The wizard will assess available bandwidth to the streaming provider and adjust quality automatically.

Recording Optimization

Optimize recording encoder for platform selected.

Configure Cameras And Microphones

Select/position a connected camera and set the default microphone.

Generate Scenes For a Professional Look And Feel

Create up to six different scenes with configurable backgrounds and text elements.

Keep Up To Date

Download Install/update the latest supported Open Broadcaster Software and libraries to begin streaming in a flash.


1. Download the Software
2. Run the Wizard, choose your streaming platform,
and let it configure your settings automatically.
3. Once the wizard completes run OBS and press Start Streaming.