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A conversation with motion graphics and VFX artist Jonathan Winbush

Jonathan Winbush - Winbush Immersive

Jonathan is an accomplished motion graphics artist whose career has spanned industries. He has created many well-known title sequences for Hollywood blockbuster movies, the NFL, TV series, and more. He currently runs his own studio, Winbush Immersive where he has ventured into the world of VR and Unreal Engine. His work and collaborative history include Happy Madison Productions, Warner Brothers, comic giants DC & Marvel, Discovery Channel, and even Oprah Winfrey. After years of recording “How To” videos for himself to help keep track of some of his more complex workflow activities, he began sharing them with peers in his industry when asked for assistance. At the urging of his close friend, Beastie Boys member Mix Master Mike, he began working on his own brand as an influencer, and currently enjoys an engaged following on social media.


He is a proud MAINGEAR customer who relies on the performance, stability, and support that MAINGEAR delivers to creative professionals.

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Jonathan Winbush, at first blush, struck me as your quintessential, professional, and established influencer; he has developed a personal brand and a visible social presence. Getting to know him, however, reveals that his position as an influencer is rooted not merely in personality and presence, but more importantly on his professional accomplishments.


In this customer story, we interview Jonathan and focus on his background, the interesting projects and people he’s worked with, how his friendship with Beastie Boy alumni Mix Master Mike spurred his influencer journey, and what it’s like going from working for production studios to venturing out on his own and building his company, Winbush Immersive.


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