With the right PC, you also need the right setup. When all of those things come into play, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to be on a roll. Here are a few ways to configure your gaming PC setups so that you’ll never want to get up from your chair!


When thinking about PC setups to compliment gameplay, your monitor configuration is an important factor to consider. Many gamers will often use two monitors to achieve a competitive edge and live stream their successes for everyone to see. A dual monitor setup ensures that you get the most out of your game and your PC system

For optimal gaming settings, it’s best for your main monitor to have a high refresh rate, like 144Hz or 240HZ, with 1ms latency. A primary monitor’s resolution can range from 1080p to 1440p or even 4k. With the game going on your main monitor, this enables you to simultaneously have discord chat, streaming software and web browsers open on your secondary monitor. In our world today, it’s all about increasing productivity, maximizing potential and letting your game be seen so you can Be Next

Just an FYI – if you’re thinking about a three monitor setup, keep in mind that these gaming setups are typically used in racing simulations to achieve a large field of view while competing. 

Keyboard & Mouse

Now, onto the next parts of gaming PC setups – keyboards and mice. As for keyboards, mechanical is always best, and optical-mechanical is even better. Optical-mechanical keyboards are the latest technology and a true force to be reckoned with. A good mouse varies largely on your personal preference, but a solid optical sensor is standard among top-tier mice.

Desk & Chair

So, you’ve got your monitors in check and your mouse and keyboard by your side. What about the desk? Well, as long as you’re working or playing on the right PC, *cough cough*, any desk will work. More often than not, sitting is the move, but standing desks actually come in clutch. They allow you to customize the height to your personal preference even while sitting in the stylish comfort of your sick MAINGEAR Gaming Chair. Both our FORMA R and FORMA GT Gaming Chairs include a memory foam micofiber headrest and a lumbar support pillow for optimal comfort. They also ship in two business days, so you can be lounging in no time.  

You can be sitting at your desk with your MAINGEAR VYBE in front of you, simultaneously killing the game and showing off just how good you are while streaming. You’ll have the smoothest mouse around and a state-of-the-art keyboard at your fingertips, all while relaxing in your choice of a FORMA R or FORMA GT Gaming Chair with memory foam technology. 

Sound good? Yeah, let’s make it happen.

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