You’ve got a new MAINGEAR system that you hooked up to your living room TV and want to play some fun PC games that are family friendly and couch-friendly, but do not know where to start. Luckily, these days there are more and more options for Family Fun PC Couch Games!
One of the best options is the Jackbox series of games. They offer a huge library of hilarious multiplayer gameshow-style games, and best of all you only need one copy of any their games for multiplayer. With one copy of the game running, everyone playing just needs a cellphone, tablet or any other electronic device that can connect to the internet, in order to play, even remotely over the internet! And if that wasn’t good enough, all of their games are on sale on their website at and better yet, one of them is available for FREE right now.
Drawful 2 screenshot

Drawful 2

Let’s start with Drawful 2, which is currently being given away for free, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Drawful 2 is a game about drawing replies to different prompts on the screen. Think of it as a cross between Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity.  Each player’s drawings appear on screen and everyone has to guess what it represents. You can even create your own drawing to represent you as an avatar!
Jackbox games is also known for the “party packs” they release, which are bundles of several of their games at a discounted price. For example, their latest one is Jackbox Party Pack 6 which offers 5 different games, the rest of which are detailed below.

Trivia Murder Party 2

The first game in the Jackbox Party Pack 6 bundle is a trivia game with a macabre theme. This one is a lot like the old You Don’t Know Jack trivia games, except MC’d by a serial killer! Players have a short amount of time to answer trivia questions and if time runs out or if you put in the wrong answer your character is either eliminated or has a chance to survive if they successful beat a murderous mini game. However, the twist is even if you get eliminated, you can still win the game. Getting eliminated is temporary and the game will give you a chance to catch up later in the final round. This game supports up to 8 players.
Trivia Murder Party 2 screenshot
Role Models screenshot

Role Models

Role Models puts you and the other players as test subjects in a lab where you compare your test results to the other players. In this game you try to guess what you know about the other players and compare how well you know each other. Players score points based on how many of their guesses about the other players are correct.

Joke Boat

As the screenshot implies the idea behind this game is to come up with as many jokes as you can. Once everyone submits a joke, each joke will be presented to everyone on the screen one at a time. Once every player reads their jokes out load, the rest of the players wills will vote on which joke was the funniest, and jokes get ranked against each other in head to head comparisons. You can go for funny, or you can go for terrible. Both strategies are equally valid, depending on the sense of humor of your friends. A minimum of 3 people is needed to play it and it can go up to 8 players.
Joke Boat screenshot
Dictionarium screenshot


This game is all about making new definitions for words or phrases. A word or phrase will show on the screen and each player gets to write their own new custom definition for the word. The game is divided into three rounds, where the first one is about creating a definition of a word that is presented on the screen. The second is about creating a hilarious synonym for a word. And the third and final round sees the players attempting to write a sentence in which to use their newly defined word. This game requires a minimum of 3 player and goes up to 8 players.


In Push the Button you are on a spaceship with other players, but at least one of you is an alien intruder in disguise. The goal is to figure out which players are aliens and boot them off the station. Players can do this by pushing the big red button at any time and guessing, however each player can push the button only once, so no one can abuse this feature.  Throughout the game, you are given several mini games that require you to corporate with each other and to perform different tests. The alien players are encouraged to blend in and cast suspicion on other innocent human players. Players are encouraged to discuss who they think is or is not an alien. When someone presses the button they get to accuse other players of being aliens and launch them into space, but all the human players all have to agree unanimously or it won’t work. There is a running timer which spells defeat for the humans if they don’t expel the aliens into the vacuum of space before the timer hits zero.
What if you’re looking for something a bit more action-packed than trivia and mini games? Well, the PC has that for you, too!

Duck Game

No, not Duck Hunt. Duck Game is a retro-styled 2D action deathmatch game with shooting and platforming elements. Taking inspiration from games like Towerfall, Smash Bros, Samurai Gunn, and even the original Mario Bros, Duck Game offers tons of complexity and customization for a simple-looking retro 8-bit styled game. You can customize your duck with various hats and weapons. Different weapons allow you to attack other players up close or at a distance, and environmental hazards mean every round is always 100% fresh.

Gang Beasts

In Gang Beasts you play as one of several wibbly wobbly gelatinous characters locked into a no-holds-barred wrestling match. Double Fine may be better known for point and click style adventure games, but Gang Beasts is nothing but chaotic, button-mashy fun. On top of various wrestling moves and melee attacks from up to 3 other opponents, you’ll also have to contend with stages and environments that are out to kill you! From speeding vehicles to spinning blades and fiery pits there’s really no safe place in a Gang Beats match.

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