Become the Ultimate Weapon

Everyone knows that Doom Guy is only as good as his weapons, even if it means using his bare hands to rip monsters in two, that’s why we’ve compiled some of the best PC hardware to tackle the momentous feat of purging the planet of monsters. The suggested computers ship quickly (within 1-2 business days) so you won’t have to wait to stomp some faces in.

Official Launch Trailer

MAINGEAR PC Recommended Specs

When it comes to slaying monsters, every detail matters. Doom was meant to be played with everything cranked to 11, graphics, resolution, frames per second and your surround sound headphone. We’ve put together some configs below that will prepare you to put an end to all the nonsense in no time. Pick you PC and get ready to drop or Check out PC Buying Guide.



$1349 MAINGEAR VYBE Stage 3
  • Play the game on settings that will blow your socks off


$2499 MAINGEAR Vybe Stage 4
  • This is how Doom: Eternal was meant to be played


$1299 MAINGEAR Vector Laptop
  • Take Doom: Eternal with you wherever you go!