Award Winning Custom Built Gaming Notebooks

Do I need a portable powerhouse?

Custom built laptops now offer great performance and can run almost any application seamlessly, compared to how they were years ago. Our laptops offer an unmatched gaming experience and the portability to enjoy them anywhere With advanced graphics, Blu-ray options and extended battery life, these laptops can keep you entertained for hours. If you have ever had the experience of your laptop being under-powered or not being able to run the applications you would like it to; a Maingear custom built laptop can solve that. These notebooks are perfect for the traveler who wants to take their media with them, the student who doesn’t want to sacrifice power for portability, the business users who always need their files and computing capabilities at hand, and gamers who like to take their fun with them.

What do the latest custom built laptops offer?

The latest custom built laptops offer great new capabilities such as Intel Core i7 processors, graphic cards with 8 GB of memory, Intel wireless display, Intel Anti-Theft Technology, and display port outputs. These features allow our custom built laptops to display presentations and videos on projectors and televisions wirelessly andlock your computer if it has been stolen. With solid-state hard drive technology, these laptops can perform even faster and quieter. Call us and one of our dedicated technicians will tell you all about the options our gaming laptops offer. We’d be excited to share the possibilities.

How well do gaming laptops perform?

Mobile gaming has jumped to the next level. MAINGEAR gaming laptops have highpower processors, premium DDR3 memory and powerful NVidia GeForce 980M graphics options available. Add a beautiful 4k LED backlit screen and you have a portable powerhouse with unstoppable gaming power. All these high performance parts allow you to run games the way they are supposed to be run. Enjoy all of the frame rates without any lagging or stuttering on our gaming laptops.

Advantages for business users

A high performance notebook is not just for gaming: it makes sense for the demanding business user also. Being able to take powerful productivity with you and having your files at hand at all times is ideal for business needs. Also, the capability to perform presentations with your reliable portable computer can help you avoid embarrassing technical difficulties. Customize your get-it-done notebook or call us for more details. We also offer corporate sales and custom logos for businesses interested in empowering their employees with top performing custom built laptops.

What screen size do i need?

Although mobile gaming can be enjoyed on any size screen, the larger the screen the more immersive the gaming experience. Playing your favorite game title on a large 1080P 17-inch gaming laptop screen is fully immersive and allows for a unique gaming experience. However, screen size also directly affects the portability of your notebook computer. Thus, a smaller screen size may be more appropriate for those frequently on-the-go like business travelers or students. MAINGEAR gaming laptops come in 15-inch and 17-inch screen sizes and are all portable powerhouses.

So Good, You’ll Want To Touch It

MAINGEAR uses auto-quality finish paint, the same that goes onto the likes of Porsche and BMW.

Luxury Auto-Quality Paint Finish in any Custom Color

All of our paint is applied in-house at MAINGEAR. While others may send their product out to third parties to apply sub-standard paint jobs, at MAINGEAR we take paint so seriously we built our own in-house team utilizing the only finest in automotive paints and premium hardware. To top it off, our staff has over 30 years individual experience in painting the world’s super cars and hot rods – meaning your system shares a thing or two with the finest automobiles in the world aside from just raw horsepower.