Radeon™ Software has been designed to provide you with a clean, modern and easy-to-use interface where you can quickly access the latest software features, game stats, performance reports, driver updates, and much more - all from one convenient location. Take advantage of the ALT+R hotkey to open Radeon Software directly in-game, making it even more convenient and easy to adjust your favorite features and get a fantastic gaming experience.

AMD Radeon Boost

AMD Radeon Boost dynamically lowers the resolution of the entire frame when fast on-screen character motion is detected via user input, allowing for higher FPS with little perceived impact on quality.

AMD Link

AMD Link is a ground-breaking app designed to enable users to stream games to mobile devices and TVs, monitor performance and PC system info and stream/share gameplay moments from a PC on a smartphone, tablet or another Windows PC.

Radeon Anti-Lag

The new Radeon™ Anti-Lag feature helps reduce input lag in GPU-limited cases. Radeon Anti-Lag controls the pace of the CPU work to make sure it doesn't get too far ahead of the GPU.

Radeon Image Sharpening

Change the way you game. This unique feature employs a contrast adaptive sharpening algorithm that restores clarity to in-game visuals that may have been softened by other effects.

Radeon Performance Tuning

Rage Mode available on the Radeon™ RX 6800 XT and Radeon™ RX 6900 XT GPUs, allows users to take advantage of any extra headroom on the GPU to deliver the ultimate gaming performance.

AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution

Up to Double the Frames in Select Games! AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.

Optimize Your Gaming Experience

Radeon™ Game Advisor​

​Measures game performance, generates a detailed report and suggests ways to improve performance or increase quality.

Radeon™ Settings Advisor

Radeon™ Settings Advisor scans your system’s capabilities and suggests settings to optimize, allowing settings adjustments in just a few clicks.

Radeon™ Upgrade Advisor

Tells you whether your system meets the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for your games—and offers suggestions for hardware upgrades if needed.

AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards

Performance to rule your game

Introducing the AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics cards, featuring the breakthrough AMD RDNA™ 2 architecture, engineered to deliver powerhouse performance for all gamers. The AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards deliver ultra-high frame rates and up to 4K gameplay. Get the ultimate gaming experience with powerful new compute units, groundbreaking AMD Infinity Cache, and up to 16GB of dedicated GDDR6 memory.

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*Shown with APEX Custom Liquid Cooling

With award winning build quality and only the best in class components, our VYBE is soft on the wallet and hard hitting in performance.

Available with MARC III Customization

Budget Friendly Mid Size Tower
18.6 x 17.9 x 8.7 in

*Shown with APEX Custom Liquid Cooling

R1 is the ultimate system to pair with RAZER’s full line of gaming peripherals, and for gamers that demand the ultimate in performance.

Only Available in Matte Black

Premium Mid Size Tower
17.5 x 17.5 x 10.8 in

*Shown with APEX Custom Liquid Cooling

The Turbo is a no-compromise small form factor gaming desktop available exclusively with all of the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors.

Available with MARC III Customization

Premium Small Form Factor
12.3 x 14.4 x 6.7 in

*Shown with APEX Custom Liquid Cooling

The gaming desktop perfected. New in-house designed chassis with premium materials + our exclusive APEX cooling system.

Available with MARC III Customization

Premium Mid Size Tower
21.3 x 19 x 6.4 in

*Shown with APEX Custom Liquid Cooling

The Ultimate Gaming PC is Back And its Better Than Ever. Experience Power and craftsmanship you can see with the most performance per liter of any PC.

Only Available in Matte Black

Premium Mid Size Tower
20.2 x 18.5 x 11.2 in

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