Yes His Hair Is Real...

When it comes to the streaming business, Afro knows his stuff. Prior to becoming a full-time role playing streamer on NoPixel‘s GTA server, Afro worked at Twitch crunching numbers as a Sales Insights and Data Science wizard. Afro’s love for Twitch runs deep as he began streaming on the platform back in the days.

These days he spends RP-ing (role playing) as various characters in GTA, including tech CEO of Life Invader, Sayid Mitra. He also plays as Dr. Lowe, a practitioner with a dark secret, and David the Mime, arguably his most outspoken character.

“When it came to Afro’s VYBE we knew that we had to come up with something that visualized his wide array of talent and characters. Blue/purple chameleon true-automotive paint was a natural fit to represent Afro’s ability to transition between characters and entertainment while maintaining his signature look.” – Brent Fisher

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