Introducing MAINGEAR 1ofONE

The first program of its kind, allowing you direct access to MAINGEAR’s world class development and craftsmen to create unique gaming PC. Previously only available via invite only to select brands and influencers, MAINGEAR 1ofONE has conceived some of the industry’s most unique and celebrated custom PC builds. With previous customers including Coca Cola, deadmau5, PewDiePie, and RAZER, each 1ofONE system is part of a small elite group of the world’s best PCs.

Introducing MAINGEAR 1ofONE

Each MAINGEAR 1ofONE customer gets to directly collaborate with their personal MAINGEAR designer and build team to work through the entire process of creating a custom PC from start to finish, with the ability to customize absolutely anything. From full chassis modifications, exotic components and liquid cooling, to hand-painted exterior finishes, every 1ofONE system is truly a handcrafted work of art.

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1ofONE Features

• One-of-a-kind build
• Personal design and build team
• Full chassis modifications
• Customization available across all MAINGEAR products or the chassis of your choosing
• Custom exterior finish
• Professional studio photography of finished build
• Dedicated support technician

Featured 1ofONE Builds